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Re: Pulled Torrents - Unfair

Discussing it with the seeder is one thing, sure, and having a seeder discover they've made an error or whatever reason they have to not want a torrent to run is fine, but what I'm saying is that, as a potential teaching tool for n00bs, etc., that ALL pulled torrents MUST have a REASON clearly stated by the mod that pulls them (even if it's that a seeder just doesn't want the torrent posted anymore or whatever the problem might be...)

I know you folks volunteer your time, and it ain't an easy job to do for free, but in the interest of making knowledge available that in turn might make your jobs easier, is taking another 40 seconds to add a final post to a pulled torrent that big a thing? A new poster that might read the pulled torrents and see a reason that a torrent pulled by example might not make that mistake. I think that this is a missed opportunity not to be doing this all the time...

Here's an example. One is now running fine, but the pulled torrent posting looks identical with no reason why it was originally pulled. If someone looks at both of them, you start to wonder, well, why?
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