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Re: Policy on "remastering"

New Here, but I think the idea of sharing the dark arts of mastering are great. I have a nice setup and can help with some of the tweaks and some education as far as compression, eq, etc. I have done over 500 shows so far and just got high speed and will be seeding once I figure out what my isp has to say about it. My background is in FOH and Mastering/Post Production.......But my setup is

Cubase SX 2.0
Waves Diamond Bundle
Waves IR-1
PSP Vintage Warmer
T-Racks 24
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes
Ozone 3

I mostly use waves, I have used it for a number of years and have good results, great noise reduction with x-noise, and x-crackle. So I can help there or in any way I can. But for the shows I try to be as sparing as possible, less is more I always learned. And anything I seed will have what I used and how I used it. That may be sacrelidge for a mastering person but I have bands that I master that pay the bills this is fun.......

SO lets rock it........
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