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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by arfarf View Post

Sorry not an uberleecher, but within 3 hours of joining the site, he had grabbed a torrent I upped mere hours earlier, butchered the info file, and upped it to dime.

I suspect that bluesboy is an alias for some other duckhole, figure out who that is, and you'll know who to thank for me no longer upping here.

The good news is that will free up time for me to be more active in the forums and on the hubs.

butchered? only change I see is this...

As always, I am offering this in hopes that it be further shared.
My bandwidth is limited, so all are welcome and encouraged
to share this on other trackers.
...was changed to this

Master recording, transfer and all other mastering by arfarf on June 10, 2012..Many Thanks
so the first part where you encourage folks to share elsewhere ( which is exactly what this unknown did, was taken out and replaced with a thanks to you..

Oh the humanity......

Arf - you know I think the world of you and Vlad both, but really it's time for you to let go of these irrational thoughts that he is the cause of all ills, from ingrown toenails to jock itch and more...

yes he is a crass mofo at times and annoying as all get out - yet I believe you have hit his level with this unfounded attack

peace bro

"Our enemies act without conscience. We must not"
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