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Re: Pulled Torrents - Unfair

Originally Posted by dorrcoq
You got any video of Cobain shooting himself?
I'd love to see that...tis a shame there aren't more over rated douchebags, such as Steve Wilson, doing the world a favor by following his excellent example.

Originally Posted by NeedleDeeDee
PARTS have been officially released.
Unlike some sites, we've never pulled shows for a handful of songs being OR'd.

The Band, probably shouldn't have been allowed, it's now inactive

The Grateful Dead does not care about anything torrent related except rips of the actual OR's.

Originally Posted by NeedleDeeDee
Unless there is something YOU don't understand?
Keep linking examples and reporting if YOU want, it's not going to change the out come.
If YOU don't like the reply, feel free to start YOUr own tracker and allow whatever YOU want.

I repeat....In the end, it's a torrent on a website, not the f'n cure for cancer, get over it.
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