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Re: vinyl to flac?

Good advice all!
I'm running the Disk on a very decent old Dennon turntable with a good cartridge, good short cables and rubber feet etc...
Line level is fine since the preamp, a Carver C-1, has a special input for the cartidge.
Unfortunately, I understand exactly why the pops & clicks have to be done by hand...
Oh well, the vinyl is in really good shape so there won't be many to do, anyway this stuff is a labor of love, right?
I've spent enough time working with CEP that I can find my way through the waveforms without too much trouble.
Five, I'd be interested in a few screen shots showing what you're talking about if you have the time.

Lets see, what else..
New Homebrew, I'm pretty sure there in no tape out there. I have seen very little Los Lobos at all. That, and the fact that the vinyl is in good shape, are why I'm contemplating doing this.

I'm never sure I want to do half the things I do....
Thanks folks!
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