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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by shakey234 View Post
I checked it the last time it was down, and I checked it this time too. is not down, and has not been down at all, at least not in 2013!!!!
All these links can confirm it: returns: It's just you. is up. returns: is up returns: It is just you, appears to be Online! returns: is not down returns: is UP and reachable. returns: is working returns: Your website seems to be up and running! returns: is not down returns: seems up ! returns: is up! you have to check this to see all the status results is redirected to redirected is to

If you want to know how to redirect a URL,3xx - Redirection read the following:
Or read "How to modify your .htaccess file" here:
Thanks very much shakey234. Wonder if he has a "partner in crime" as I doubt whether he has the brains to do this all by himself.
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