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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
the problem with consumer-level dslr's & video is that there are so many quality factors involved that, for us, creating a simple "rule" is impossible -- there's as many factors as there are camera models

i'm not familiar with this camera model, and i leave all judgements up to the video mods, but theoretically if your shooting at 1080p and use a high-quality intermediary codec like ProRes 422 for your editing, i don't see why it wouldn't be allowed...but thats just my personal opinion, not TTD Rules

I think with sony vegas you can edit mov files directly if you have quicktime installed ?

I will be shooting some video soon so hopefully this can be resolved

also shooting with an asus tf700t that also has a great lens and 1080 p !
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