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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

DinoTunes wasn't prohibited to the best of my knowledge. I think he may have run out of content. Don't really know. It seems to me, the flow of stuff was altered over the course of time. My stuff stopped all together, due to my uploading ban. Some stuff creeped back in, but long gone was the Beatles wave, and the Western stuff that was so much fun, and it became very Bowie, Van Morrison, and other flavors of the week. Even the Stones stuff was waining, until the last 50th anniversary blitz. If you look at HC in a wide lens, you can see some big changes.

The Traders Den has managed to stay pretty consistant. The swells (I live near Santa Cruz) seem to happen, with an organic respect for each others tastes. Maybe the Red Hot Chili Peppers are flooding - then some Bluegrass, then Floyd, or Grateful Dead, but the balance is natural, and it's like we allow the different torrents to have their space. Pretty damn cool. The staff here deserves praises. The kitchen is clean, and they are doing the heavy lifting.

A testament to the staff, and some other collective community, or most likely both, that makes this place sustain. Cheers.
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