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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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I still have HC set as my home page on Firefox so I see the latest message each time I fire it up. I can't remember when I last had so much fun. Can't wait for the next installment.
Boy, I hear that. It's a such trainwreck and I just cannot look away.

For me, the icing on the cake is the massive insurrection that's taken place in the HCForum. Unless he's been logging in from another account, he has no idea what's happening in his own backyard.

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this almost makes my head hurt
Thanks, Homebrew. That's exactly what I was going for.

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Its the same old thing as yesterday...
Shareef didn't have to turn on the red light.

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Now I'm off to take a wee, and here I do not mean an editorial wee, I'm going to use the half bath and it's small.
Ha! Well said, arfarf.

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