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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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My comment wasn't pointed at you specifically, I meant the editorial "You". In the future I'll try to use some word like "folks" instead so there is no confusion.
Well, you quoted and replied to me, arfarf, and you (by which I do mean, you, arfarf) used the pronoun "you" in response to that which I had written, and, even if you were using what you refer to as an "editorial you," the context in which you used that "editorial you" would include me, as an individual, within the plurality of your you.

Of course, everything that RamsesII quoted was correct but for the donation address. The point that I am making is that, within minutes of posting his most recent "last chance" update, ShaReeF, the owner of HungerCity, took down the page on HungerCity that RamsesII quoted from above. What RamsesII posted was exactly what ShaReeF had posted but for the joke email address that RamsesII inserted.

The post that ShaReeF originally made on the HC server today said that "AFTER EXTENSIVE TALKS WITH THE HOST," HC would move to the cheaper option of $395 per month. But, within ten minutes posting that on HC, ShaReeF took it down. He then changed the figure of $395 to $425 and reposted what would have otherwise been the exact same message.

None of this has anything to do with what has been posted here, per se. None of this has to do with what U2lynne or anyone else has said it costs to run a server. This has to do with two different posts that ShaReeF made on the front page of today. This has to do with ShaReeF being a lying turd who claims he will lower his costs but, after posting by how much he would, changing his mind five minutes later and upping his fee by $30 (as if it makes any sort of difference). This has to do with ShaReeF being caught — if you'll pardon the cliché — "making it up as he goes along."

Your suggestion that I "view post[s] with a little skepticism" is a solid example of what people in my profession call "irony."

I am sorry for the confusion. Have a great day, arfarf.
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