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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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Unless you think the new donation address is really " ", you may want to view that post with a little skepticism, I dunno. My best guess is that all but the donation address is correct.
I don't understand what you're driving at. Are you suggesting that RamesesII, in addition to changing the address that HC uses for email donations which is obviously a joke (but thanks for treating me as if I were stupid; that's quite gracious of you) lowered the donation cost from the $425 that ShaReeF posted to $395 and let the rest of the ShaReeF's post stand verbatim?

What purpose would that serve? Changing the donation address accomplishes two things, but what does lowering the alleged monthly operating cost of HungerCity by $30 accomplish, rhetorically, for RamsesII?
As I stated, my best guess is that everything RamessesII posted is correct except the donation address. But as the post was partly real and partly fake, I have to view it with skepticism unless I'm willing to get off my lazy butt and look for myself.

My comment wasn't pointed at you specifically, I meant the editorial "You". In the future I'll try to use some word like "folks" instead so there is no confusion.

I believe the only dollar figure I used was $400, which is the amount U2lynne referred to. I was only trying to say that a cost in that range, which both $395 or $425 would fit, is not a red flag on it's own, just poor consumerism.
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