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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by mediaaddict View Post
Regarding my ratio Tappy, or whatever your name is. I have a hard drive with a limit of 289 GB. There's way for me to seed stuff I download. I am an administrator at 3 bootleg sites. All of which are FREE and NEVER ask for donations. The stuff I download I post on those those sites. I don't hoard anything I download!
Blaming your hard drive is a poor excuse. Your hard drive has nothing to do with you keeping the torrent open and seeding it. Once you finish downloading something keep the torrent open instead of closing it straight away and you will continue to seed it and in the process you will improve your ratio.

And if your hard drive space is so limited buy another so that you can seed what you download, 1TB hard drives are so cheap nowadays everyone can afford one.
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