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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Seems to me HC had several "eras". The Beatles era - when you could earn, and "gift" ratio to other members, was my favorite. It became much more autocratic after that. There seemed to be staff changes that also coincided with the shift in content. Dylan was once the theme, then Bowie, Van Morrison, Classic Old Euro Rock TV shows, etc. The bumping of torrents by staff, and not the contributing members was telling to me that things were strange.

I find it sort of odd that it took this final insult to members and staff, to take offense to the constant begging for donations. It was like clockwork at the 3rd week of every month, year after year - a solicitation in my PM box. Maybe I was out of the loop, but I recall lamenting the $675 dollar server fees years ago. If HC was still running, would the fees even be an issue now?
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