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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

In regards this subject,I have this very evening watched someone download a torrent on my client,via another tracker that I'm a member of,and as soon as the download was complete,they were off.
I checked the download history of that guy,and sure enough,his ratio was way low,but he had downloaded pages and pages of stuff,but no attempt to seed it back.
On the same tracker a guy asked me to seed a show for him.I checked the tracker and it was already being seeded.I checked his profile - same story - sixteen pages of completed shows,low ratio and seeding nothing.I pointed this out,and he suddenly put eight shows into his client to get me to seed.Seems he wanted a faster download.I pointed out to him that the longer it took for him to download,the longer he'd be seeding the bits he had got back,and left him to probably ask others to do the same.
Every tracker I'm a member of there's loads of people like that.Grab everything and seed nothing.They never post in the forums or bother to click the thanks button,if there is one either.Keep quiet and leech away.It's probably amongst that group,that you'll find the bootlegers and eBay sellers.
I can't really see those sort of people wanting to pay money to get a good ratio,'cos they don't give a shit.
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