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Re: leaving a social group

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the smilies are right there..........^^

Please post some Otis Rush...not enough of his stuff is around. I need to ask how he is..My buddy visits him now and then but it is rough since Otis is not well at all.
My only pull of Otis Rush is linked above, turned out pretty good, imo. Don't have any inside info on Otis Rush, other than I know his health is such he'll never see the stage again.

"Arfette" recorded Otis at Summerfest in 91, but her stuff is in such disarray I haven't been able to locate it, maybe someday.

I did put a couple of Luther shows up at LL earlier this week, and 3 of my 4 LA masters are there, as well as my transfer of Otis Rush fro Chicago Blues Fest 88 with Buddy Guy.

Anyone who wants to up any of my stuff here is more than welcome to do so.

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