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Re: leaving a social group

Originally Posted by arfarf View Post

Sorry you didn't like the shows I upped here, but pretty much nobody did, so I stopped upping them here. My upload bandwidth is marginal, so I really can't afford to waste it on underperforming ups.

I guess my overall point in this thread now is that joining a social group here is not a refuge from lounge lizards or post spamming, and folks should be aware of that going in. I do believe this only occurs in rare instances, but like the old saying goes, it's better to be fore warned than fore skinned. (hmmm, maybe I have that wrong)
I guess I did not make myself clear in my earlier post. I did not mean that I did not like the torrents you uploaded. Just that I like what you have done elsewhere. If I had seen the Luther show here I definitely would have grabbed it
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