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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by JackDog View Post
Off the top of my head it was Beatles audio and videos, Rolling Stones videos, and music-based tv shows recorded from the BBC and other European tv stations.
The entire run of the Johnny Cash show was seeded there, among the many other treasures. It was a good place to go looking for obscure shows. I once had the entire set of shows put on for the Christic Institute 1990-11-16&17, but lost it all in a HD crash. Now all I can find is the Bruce Springsteen shows ... HC at least had one of the Bonnie Raitt shows, a piece that now I can't find anywhere else.

I donated the last time the site was down, and when it came back I PM'ed and got no ack. I never liked the that feeling of pay for play anyways, but it is still sad to see such a great resource go down.

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