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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Personally, I just can't believe HC had to go down. I don't know even 10% of how that all got built or how the community came together in the beginning, but I wish it was a story that could be told more fully. At it's best it was awesome--not that other trackers aren't, mind you, but to me there was something different and a little bit special at HC, a presence that arose out of the interplay of so many incredible and diverse staff and members.

Somebody somewhere described the phenomena that occasionally happens when very passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated people gather and are highly interactive with each other. An intelligence, a subtle form of consciousness if you will, arises out of that din and hubbub that no one intends, no one controls, and no one person can override through normal processes. That's what I saw and experienced at HC since I starting hanging out there in 2007 or so. Unfortunately, I guess the "no one person can override" was profoundly untrue in this case since there was an abnormal condition of one person with the on/off switch to the technology base in his or her hands.

FWIW, I exchanged unsigned personal messages with an individual who I presume to be that "on/off" person two days ago and he/she swore that HC would return even if he/she has to take out personal loans to see it happen. Maybe that's just vanity at this point--obviously the reputation and good will of the tracker is so damaged that I'm not even sure what that would mean. But I am very hopeful about discovering where that kind of organic buzz and collective expertise is happening and/or helping it to happen *somewhere* so that I/we can continue to experience the fun and enjoyment from carrying on about all this music and art that we all love so much.

Allow me to say again that I know the other trackers that have great communities are special in their own ways, too, and I so appreciate those individuals who offer their blood, sweat and tears (figuratively, literally, and musically!) toward their success. In my case, much of my energy and attention went into following HC because of the diversity of characters that hung out there. Simply put, it was the greatest record store that I never got to visit. Now, however, I will look to invest my resources in other worthy places! Bring them on, and above all, brothers and sisters: KEEP ON SHARING!!
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