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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

Originally Posted by kixdude View Post
We (The staff) aren't told anything. ALL of our PMs go ignored. I'm done over there
Originally Posted by nutzrocker View Post
I'm not saying too much at this stage but for one I am giving up my staff job at HungerCity. Something is very wrong there and has been for some time.

Without going into any detail I am simply going to advise anyone reading this not to donate anything to HungerCity for the time being at least.

This is a very sad day for me, I have put a lot of time into that place over the years as have other staff members but I can't sit by and watch people being ripped off like this.

Loyalty is one thing, honesty is another. You can do as you will but you have been advised
Originally Posted by Blindwilly View Post
As Stafmember of HC i do strongly advise everybody NOT TO DONATE at this point.

There is indeed a (small) chance that the site is hacked , but more likely seems that there is a swindle going on.
the HC staff has spoken we all thank you for your integrity/honesty
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