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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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are you suggesting donations might not go where the donor intended?
Not necessarily.

This is the message that at least two different staff members had posted, first at HC and, now, in the forum:

I merely meant to point out that the message asking us to cease our donations did not link that request that to a problem with the channelling of said funds. My assumption is that the "issues" are something else entirely. I think that this issue has been talked out somewhat in the HC forums: one person has total control and does not share information with a staff who does all the public relations work and bears the brunt of citizen complaints.

That is what I meant.

I did not mean to imply that a lot of people claim to have donated a lot of money last summer, and I did not wonder where all of it went. It would be nice if donations were handled transparently at HC and if HC's staff were allowed to audit the finances. It would keep idle speculation, character assassination, and libel to a minimum. I did not mean to do any of those things above, nor do I mean to do them here. I only mean to write what I written before, here and elsewhere: things at HC don't add up; they look suspicious; and, when no one knows what is going on with the money that we ponied up to keep HC up and running, it's tough for me to be generous with my opinion of someone else's business ethic.

Again, I want to thank HC's fabulous volunteer staff. They were not put in a good position, but, despite that, they have handled themselves with grace. They deserve our thanks, and they certainly have mine.


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