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Thumbs down Bad Trader: Franz Premm

I've been cheated by a trader for the first time.

Some others have sent shit or conducted really crappy trades resulting in a loss to me, but this is the first guy to fuck me over and not send.

Franz Premm, Cham, Germany
* edited to remove his full address

He didn't have a website, rather sent me an attachment with his shows. Got me for around 10 discs.

Trade was set up 2 months ago.

At first he claimed he sent; when I waited a month and didn't get them I asked him to send again. He said he would but was experiencing troubles with a broken burner and asked for a little time.

I emailed him another 3 times or so over the next month, just every week or two weeks, and he always replied saying he was having burner problems and didn't know when he'd be done.

Now Googling for him today, I see these threads:

Avoid this fuckhead at all costs.

I will never, ever understand why guys have to cheat other people out of shows when trading for them is just as easy and nobody gets fucked over.
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