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Re: TLH Tool 'Strip Audio File Header' question

Originally Posted by Drgiggles1 View Post
It's a recent download (09-04-2013) however the show itself is from 1972-04-30. It is a HT show (California Marijuana Initiattive) LOL !!!! I just finished archiving the shn's that came with the torrent and am uploading to Dropbox. I'll pm you the link as soon as it completes. ETA within 45 minutes of this posting.
Just downloaded the archive. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Same problems here as on your side. Without a look at lots of TLH source code I guess this is a bug. I'll try to fix this asap.

Originally Posted by Drgiggles1 View Post
...I tried using the tool 'Strip Audio File Header' on the shn's and than converting to flac. I did create a .st5 file for the original shn's and a .st5 file for the stripped_flac files. They match exactly.

Am I good to go ? ...
Yep, but please add the stripping file header info and the st5 checksums (for the original shn files) to your info file / torrent.
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