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Re: TLH error during SBE's fix - ???: error (child encoder process had non-zero exit status).

Originally Posted by Drgiggles1 View Post
I'm not sure if this is the cause, but I suspect it is. While checking the track len with TLH track 26 is all zeroes.

0:00.00 44 B --s -- ---xx flac 95.1364 26 Band Introductions.flac
Just downloaded this from Dime. Track 26 (band intros) is an _empty_ file (just the flac header followed by zeros). When you call Show audio file details in info mode you get (excerpt):

File name: 26 Band Introductions.flac
Handled by: flac format module
Length: 0:00.00
WAVE format: 0x0001 (Microsoft PCM)
Channels: 2
Bits/sample: 16
Samples/sec: 44100
Average bytes/sec: 176400
Rate (calculated): 176400
Block align: 4
Header size: 44 bytes
Data size: 0 bytes
Chunk size: 36 bytes
Total size (chunk size + 8): 44 bytes
Actual file size: 4186
File is compressed: yes
Compression ratio: 95.1364

So track 26 is corrupt. That's why flac.exe (needed to decode/encode when fixing SBEs) crashes ("non-zero exit status").
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