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Re: New audio torrent rule, no remasters unless by specific permission

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
we're using "remaster" in regards to the common trading circle use of the term, not the actual technical term...kinda like how an AUD+SBD mix is referred to as a "matrix" in trading circles, even though technically speaking it's not a true audio matrix

so no, we will not be allowing the 27 various mixes...the whole point is if a raw or old recording is gonna be messed with by some random user to "make it better" [to their ears on their listening set up], fine but it shouldn't be spread around...cuz of the hundreds of folks out there "remastering" these recordings, there are only a small handful who have the knowledge and gear to properly mix said recordings
thank you.
on another site. some guy i don't know took my original recording and remastered - curiously retaining the one short segment that possibly could have benefited from a little work. he also incorrectly changed the record credits, did not include his additional lineage, and did not even ask, credit or thank me. upon looking up some of his previous posts, it appears he does it mostly to release material as his own. the site's policy is/was that i would need that guy's permission to have his torrent taken down. ridiculous!

i guess one exception for me would be when i want to let a person do work i could not do when i originally released it.
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