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Re: Shorten for Windows 7

Originally Posted by Cryptical View Post
OK it's 2013 I like to use bat files for shorten even though theirs tlh so I find out shorten will not work with windows 7. I can get it to work for wave files but it will not work with helper programs flac and shn. Maybe the cygwin1.dll needs to be updated for os7 ? Ofcourse I have done everything concerning the exe files and placing them in the path which in my case is windows/system32/wbem . Their is no update for os7 and maybe this good old software is dying out however I would like to see it updated so if anyone knows how to do that or any way to make this work on os7 please give the answer here.
Latest shorten (v3.6.1 / works with Win 7 / no cygwin dll needed) here.

Or are you talking about TLH? Works with Win 7, latest release here.
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