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Re: It might be time to revisit Hot Tuna NAB status

from Jorma's wife many moons ago (I guess Everyday Jones tried this idea)

Subject: Hot Tuna Taping Policy
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 07:22:52 -0500
From: Vanessa Kaukonen <>

Hot Tuna Taping Policy

Hot Tuna/Jorma Kaukonen/Jorma Trio/Blue Country/Jorma & Michael/Jorma &
Barry/(etc.) have NEVER given permission to the taping/trading community to post live show recordings as files for electronic download'. Traditional copying of cassettes, DATs, CDRs (wav, shn, mp3), and mailing among fans are OK, as most of the people sending and receiving are known, and the distribution is somewhat limited due to the manual process. However, posting a show on a FTP site, music file sharing server, or on bit-torrent schemes, allows mass distribution to unknown and uncontrolled numbers of recipients. The band's management is NOT OK with this type of distribution unless specific authorization has been requested and given. For example:

- a radio station posts an in-studio interview and performance on their
- website for download - it is only done with approval from the band's management.

The band IS 'Taper Friendly' > AUD taping is always OK and encouraged (except in cases where the venue or contract absolutely prohibits). SBD patches are not given - the SBD recording belongs to the band.

The band IS 'Trade Friendly' > Traditional copying, trading, mailing OK.
Posting the files on servers for any means of electronic download is NOT OK.

If those simple rules cannot be followed, the band may choose to become 'Non-Taper Friendly' and 'Non-Trade Friendly'.

A little fat for Jason Green to chew on.....

I copied and pasted off the Philzone
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