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Re: How to re seed torrents from external drive

Originally Posted by ro12 View Post
HI, I have a question about seeding files that Ive moved to an external drive.I am using vuze. I currently am saving torrents and seeding from my computer hard drive but to reseed files from my external drive do I have to copy them back to the hard drive and make new torrents from them.

When you normally begin downloading a torrent, does vuze ask you where to save your files or do you have it set to save to one specific directory all the time? You *should* be able to select ANY location to "save" files when you begin any torrent, and to reseed you'd just point the torrent to the external drive instead of your usual location...

I'm seeding stuff from 3 different external drives plus 2 internals all at once, so, no problem!
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