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Question Re: multiple accounts: mod approved?

Originally Posted by dorrcoq View Post
What I want to know is...John, why the fuck are you so concerned about getting a Bieber torrent going? Closet fan, perhaps?
ahhhahahaha sure ya got me! haha

No way, I was just trying to be nice and helpful to a n00b, especially since he was really struggling and told of his autism. I know that's a rough ride to deal with in life sometimes. I know its a shitty excuse for music, but I don't want to discourage any tapers from, well, being tapers...

Having said that, I'm kinda pissed off that I spent all that time on a liar that creates multiple accounts because their ratio went bad!

Mods: Is having multiple accounts like this alright? Maybe for trolling the lounge, I can see it being "sort of" acceptable, but when you're starting a new account to upload and download when your old accounts ratio goes to shit? That's not cool in my books. this "aturner18" account ought to get the boot if you ask me!
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