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Icon4 Re: Help with this complete lineage and checksums/fingerprints

Originally Posted by aturner18 View Post
its not showing where to save it when i click it says load trackers from it i click yes and nothing happens
Okay, we have a clue here!!! Your previous attempts to upload are still trying to run in your torrent program. What do you use? In uTorrent I know you'll need to right click on the line that's displaying the torrent in question and go to "remove and >" and then "delete .torrent" - this I think has been the problem. You need a clean slate in utorrent to start seeding a new torrent properly. I think since your first try all the others have just been adding on to this improper bad version...

So, remove the old torrent from the torrent program, then go to your newly posted thread, download the torrent file there, and THEN uTorrent *should* ask you where to save the files, to which you point to the existing FLAC files folder you want to upload....
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