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Question Re: Help with this complete lineage and checksums/fingerprints

Originally Posted by aturner18 View Post
i'm trying to get this i don;t what the hell is going on
You're so close - but you're still not seeding anything.

OK, so you've made a torrent file from your files, and you've uploaded it alright, it seems. Now, what I'd do is find that torrent file you made and saved on your computer (the one you uploaded to TTD in your post) and delete it. Just so we aren't confused. The torrent file you make and upload is not the one you become a seeder from...
Go to the thread post you made, and download the torrent file attached there that any user would download. This torrent file has been modified from the one you uploaded earlier to have TTD specific tracker info in it. When your torrent program asks where you want to save the music files to, point it to where your FLAC files folder of the thing you want to upload. Your torrent program will check and find that you have the files, and then you'll be seeding...
It seems confusing the first couple times, but once you get it you'll know it ain't rocket surgery!

However, you do need to say more than "tascam recorder" as lineage. What model # is it, what did you use to split the files, how did it get to be FLAC files, what resolution is the audio, etc. All these questions get answered in lineage...
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