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Re: Torrent file upload problems...I haven't had in the past

Originally Posted by Matlin Zeitler View Post
I've been trying to share a recording (which I posted on DIME without any technical problems) but I am unable to upload the file. I'm using the same procedure that has worked for years to post to TTD.

I am using XAct 2.23 to create the FLAC files, do the checksum fingerprint file, etc. I have a text file with the .txt extension, fingerprints with .ffp, and all the tracks are tagged, etc. It works fine on DIME, but I really would like to post the same tracks on TTD.

When I open the ffp file in a text editor, there is a "113" in front of the tracker url. I know you guys say it should say "56" in front of the announce. How am I supposed to adjust the .ffp file?

Any help would be welcome.
You wouldn't adjust the .ffp file, it is your .torrent file that is incorrect. Perhaps you have two announce urls in there? You can only have one.
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