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Torrent file upload problems...I haven't had in the past

I've been trying to share a recording (which I posted on DIME without any technical problems) but I am unable to upload the file. I'm using the same procedure that has worked for years to post to TTD.

I am using XAct 2.23 to create the FLAC files, do the checksum fingerprint file, etc. I have a text file with the .txt extension, fingerprints with .ffp, and all the tracks are tagged, etc. It works fine on DIME, but I really would like to post the same tracks on TTD.

When I open the ffp file in a text editor, there is a "113" in front of the tracker url. I know you guys say it should say "56" in front of the announce. How am I supposed to adjust the .ffp file?

Any help would be welcome.
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