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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

The "changes in page availability" were due to an outage at HostGator's data center in Provo, Utah. (The outage shut down my website and email, too, which is the only reason I know or would have known this.) I ought to find a new hobby horse, but I'm compelled to mention a few things about HostGator (which hosts HungerCity). A colleague of mine, whom I shall call HD (for those are her initials), also uses HG. When the bank issued HD a new card, she forgot to update her HG account, and, when HG went to automatically withdraw funds from her account, HG could not withdraw the funds that they were owed. HG shut HD down. During this shutdown, her email did not work, and she did not have the capacity to post a message on her website explaining why it was down. HD did not have to pay a reconnection fee, and, once she corrected her billing information and pointed out the correction to HG, her site was back up all but instantly (and, as an aside that is entirely unrelated to HD (but not to HC), HG, to the best of my knowledge, does not have a plan that costs $645 per month).

I'm no internet expert. I understand that there may be explanations that mitigate all of the observations that I have noted above. I know that this is a loaded post that is leading in its implications. I was a happy HC citizen, and I donated each month without exception and I didn't mind doing it. As a leech with nothing else to offer, the cost of an album or two every four weeks or so was not too big of a price to pay for access to such a great Dylan bootleg archive. I'm not upset about the money, but I don't like it when people lie to me (especially in order to get money). That said, it seems likely from his front page missives asking after donations that English is not Shareef's first language, and he very well may have misspoken without deliberate intent to deceive. But, even if that is the case, it is a bad business practice.

I know that there are a lot of passionate HC supporters here, and I'm sure that they have valid arguments as to why HC is not yet back online. More power to HC's owner and to them. These are just my two pennies, and you should only take them for what they are worth.

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