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Re: What's with Hungercity again?

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$600 a month for server costs? Even when we had two servers and an outside backup site, we were running on less than $400 a month. When things got tough, I cut the backup (after having our host verify the status of the disks on the other server for me to do the backup on instead). We are now running on a more powerful server than before (with RAID 10 and 8 GB RAM) and paying less than for those two servers. Are they operating in the US? If so, I really think they should contact our host, QuickPacket, and ask about hosting there. We've been with QuickPacket since we started and they have always been good to us.
How many worker-hours would be involved in changing hosts? Unlike here, HC seems to be a one man operation as far as code monkey stuff, I wonder if that isn't part of the reason they have not taken some of these cost savings step.

HC's forums seem to be hosted separately, so that's been up all week. That may explain how their "money begging notice" has been hosted.

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