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Re: OSX 10.8.3 Firewall!

So, I solved it. It goes like this:
1) Open System Preferences.
2) Open Network.
3) Highlight your Wi-Fi.
4) Hit Advanced button.
5) Hit TCP/IP tab.
6) Write down your IPv4 Address. (probably 10.0.1.something).
7) Open your AirPort Utility.
8) Highlight your Airport. A little window will open.
9) Hit the Edit Button.
10) Hit the Network tab.
11) Hit the plus sign (+) under the Port Settings window.
12) Select Personal File Sharing in the Description pull down menu.
13) Enter the IPv4 address in the Private IP Address field.
14) Enter your port in the Public TCP Ports and Private TCP Ports fields.
15) Hit Save and then Update. Let it update and you are set.
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