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Re: Zoom H4n/Audacity

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
I record at 24 bit 96 khz, which barely gives me an hour before it starts a new file. I do most of my serious editing with Wavelab 5.01b, and I also can't actually save a file bigger than 2gb with that, either, for some reason! This does make copying and pasting files together a little more tricky. I actually have to track out the first part of a file until I'm left with that half a song at the end of part one, and THEN paste my part two file onto the end of the remainder part one - unless the part two file is also a full 2gb when I'd have to split the part two file into smaller pieces as well... It's kinda fucked! hahaha
I don't know why some progs limit the file size to 2 GB. I also shouldn't ass-ume that everyone is using .wav format, but .wav is limited to the 32 bit unsigned integer that proclaims the chunk's size in the header, which is roughly 4 GB. Perhaps you could do your editing in a raw format, and only convert to .wav (or whatever) when finished with editing? Going commando (raw) only limits file sizes to the limitations of the file system, etc.

Actually, I'm over my head here, shoulda' just stuck with the Audacity advice.
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