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Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

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Glad It's working for you. There is a lag sometimes to see your stats at certain areas of the website. Once you figure out the pattern you can be patient in that area.

Is the red you're seeing in your client or on the net? I'm not sure what that is. I don't use UTorrent but Transmission (Mac). I'm sure their similar. If I add an older torrent that I used to seed and is no longer on my client there is a few seconds lag there too. It has to verify that I have that data before it can join the tracker.

About sharing; Sounds like you're doing good for the good of man. Keep up the good work. There's definitely a balance between helping the poor soul, helping the masses and helping yourself. I think the best way to get your ratio up is to search often in new posts at bottom of home page and grab a new show early. When I do that, it usually seeds >1:1 before I complete the DL.
I'm sure THEY'RE similar. Grammar / spelling, duh, I hate that one.

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So, using what you gave me above, i tried a little experiment. I stopped EVERY torrent that i have. As i indicated in an earlier post, i've been uploading/seeding (is there a difference?) this Sonny Rollins dvd (200gigs+ and counting, and no change to my upload totals). I started just that torrent. I went to my profile to see my seedings list and refreshed it and......NOTHING. It doesn't list the Sonny Rollins DVD even though i am seeding nothing else AND i am actively uploading files for it. My seeding list is empty.
That's a pretty neat trick, uploading 200+ gigs of a 1.94 gig file set. That's enough to give 100 people a complete copy!!! Good for you!!!

At least it's giving you credit for 605.09 MB of it, although that's not enough to change your stats much. Of course, as already stated, it takes a while for the stats to update, so that total may increase later.
Surely he's talking about something smaller than gigs.

Senor, Make sure you're only seeding or offering 10 TTD torrents. That way those ten should show up on the TTD stats.
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