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Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

Originally Posted by senormogul9 View Post
So, using what you gave me above, i tried a little experiment. I stopped EVERY torrent that i have. As i indicated in an earlier post, i've been uploading/seeding (is there a difference?) this Sonny Rollins dvd (200gigs+ and counting, and no change to my upload totals). I started just that torrent. I went to my profile to see my seedings list and refreshed it and......NOTHING. It doesn't list the Sonny Rollins DVD even though i am seeding nothing else AND i am actively uploading files for it. My seeding list is empty.

Apparently, i have to eat my words on my last post. After a 1/2 hour break, i came back down to my 'puter to find that in fact, the torrents that i had added (Rollins, Pat Metheny) had in fact been added to my seed list and totals were accumulating. So, it appears there was just some LAG between when i added it in my torrent client and when TD registered it. In the end, i'm finally getting "credit" for seeding the two DVD's, and i understand better how this works now.

One more post on this topic, but gotta sleep now. Thanx for all the help!
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