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Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

Originally Posted by warpedabit View Post

Go to Search > Torrent Search > (then a little red link called) Have Leechers. You can pick from that list what torrents you want to re-open on your computer.
So, using what you gave me above, i tried a little experiment. I stopped EVERY torrent that i have. As i indicated in an earlier post, i've been uploading/seeding (is there a difference?) this Sonny Rollins dvd (200gigs+ and counting, and no change to my upload totals). I started just that torrent. I went to my profile to see my seedings list and refreshed it and......NOTHING. It doesn't list the Sonny Rollins DVD even though i am seeding nothing else AND i am actively uploading files for it. My seeding list is empty.

I used your tip above to find torrents that i had that have leechers. I found a Pat Metheny DVD that some POOR soul (we need to HELP this guy! : ) is leeching off of and no one is seeding it. In fact, i had the torrent "seeding" in my uTorrent client, so i "could" have helped this person out, but the torrent was red for some reason). Anyways, now I want to help this chap or chaplet out, so I started that torrent. It is now showing (in UTorrent) as "Seeding" but again in a red color, which indicates to me that it is in fact not seeding. Sure enough, when i go back and refresh and look at the torrents that i am seeding, no Pat Metheny DVD shows on the list. My seeds list is STILL empty!

What gives?

Then, i just pick other random torrents and start them and they DO show up on the list. So, there's gotta be a bit more to this, but i'm not even sure that i wanna know! : )

(If you can shed any light on why the above behaves that way, i guess that i WOULD like to know.....i think..... )

I also learned that "Pausing" a torrent (at least in uTorrent) does NOT take it off your seedings list, you need to fully "Stop" the torrent. No biggie there...


As a sidenote, i think that "typical" traders grab something, seed it for a week/month/whatever and then, unpacks it and move it somewhere else and no longer trades it. I could be wrong, but I don't do it that way. I have a Sonos wireless speaker system that reads/plays FLAC/SHN files without having to convert them. So, i leave them where i downloaded them to, continue to offer them for trade, AND play them without any issues or time spent un-packing the files, burning to cd's/dvd's etc. I am cognizant of the fact that if you are uploading 10 things at the same time, you are not doing a good service for who you are trading with. However, my tastes are eclectic enough that i never have more than 4 or so people that are uploading my sh!t at a given time.

The upshot of my sidenote is that i have dozens of torrents "available" and if i only have 10 to pick from to trade in order to "get credit from TD", i think about that guy who is dl'ing my copy of the Sonny Rollins DVD right now, who wouldn't have that tomorrow, because i would not have rated it as one my "top 10" most valuable seeds. It was a one-off and my way of doing things is making it possible to help that guy/gal out.... i'm just not getting any "credit" from TD for doing so. I may experiment with "the official TD way of sharing", but i think mine is ultimately a more community-minded approach.

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