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Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
You get to decide what 10 shows to seed. If you 'stop' all your shows in your torrent client, then turn on the ones that have leechers, those are the shows that will show up on the list.
OK, thank you U2Lynne. I've tried that and that works. I am making available WAY more than 10 shows and how TD chooses "the 10" in that situation appears to be totally random. That helps!

On the minus side....
I have pretty much confirmed in the last 24 hours my original suspicion that unless a show is listed as one of your "seeds", you don't get upload credit when you upload. That makes NO sense to me, but i guess that it is what it is.....

For example yesterday, i uploaded 400 gigs+ of a DVD over the course of several hours. When my upload started, I happened to be at my desk, so i checked and it was not listed under my account as one of my 10 seeds. However, it DID show as "Seeding" in my uTorrent client. At the beginning, my TD upload total was 30.14. When i went into the torrent itself and looked under "Peers" in the TD thread, my moniker was not listed (even though i had been seeding it for several hours, by the end, you would have never known that i was helping at all). I was "seeding" (or uploading to the swarm), yet i was not showing up as being a peer. Several hours (and 400+ gigs uploaded) later, it stopped showing up in my tracker. My upload total? 30.14. (No change) As i type today, another example sits in front of me. I have uploaded 100+ gigs of a great Sonny Rollins DVD to someone over the last two hours. My upload total before i started: 30.18. My upload total after the 105 gigs (so far): 30.18.

So, i'm totally new to trading in this way, but i do know that on the other site that i trade on (Dime) it doesn't work this way. If i upload something, i get credit in my account for uploading it, whether its one of my "official seeds" or not. As the swarm flies, it lists me as sharing (whether it is one of my "seeds" or not), shows how much i've up'ed/dl'ed to the swarm etc.... It is all straightforward. It seems to be different on TD, and if i wanted to seriously up my ratio, i need to give a lot of thought to which shows i am seeding, picking 'hot shows' etc....

So, my upload totals do not seem to reflect how much i share, which is what i was seeing in the first place and that's why i opened this thread. And really, i just want to share with others all this cool music. Therefore, worrying about my ratio and which shows i am seeding probably isn't uber-important, as long as i DO in fact "share" with everyone. The "credit" isn't that important. It is not a priority to me to only make available my best shows, i want whatever i have to be available. It is a wonderful thing, being able to share all this great music with one another. And, i am grateful to the folks out there who keep seeding stuff that maybe only a handful of people (like myself) might be interested in!

Sooooooo, thanx for helping me understand this torrent trading thang better!
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