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Re: PAL (dvd) to NSTC (dvd) region free & conversion

I've achieved decent results (in other words watchable but not as good as playing the original files with hardware that can handle the native format) making menuless discs using: ffmpeg to rip the audio to .wav and the video to NTSC .m2v; SoX to alter the tempo of the audio to make it match the duration of the new video; and ffmpeg to simultaneously compress the new audio to ac3 and mux with the new video. SoX and ffmpeg are multi-platform, but I'm using Slackware and don't know of a linux equivalent of IfoEdit so I use dvdauthor to make menuless discs that just start playing from the beginning when inserted into a dvd player.

Like Unidecker I never (or rarely anyway) burn discs for my own use but now and then it's fun to grab a disc to take elsewhere, so for me the format isn't completely dead just yet.
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