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Re: PAL (dvd) to NSTC (dvd) region free & conversion

I do want to make it clear that I am a veteran and disabled, but not combat or service related. I was in the Army (also inactive reserve) and a Department of Defense employee
for 17 years total. My disability came in 2002 after suffering several heart attacks and severe bone loss due to undiagnosed celiac disease for 2 years. I don't qualify for social security disability benefits (I guess I need to be more f-cked up health wise), but that's okay because I intend to go for SS when I turn 62 in a year and a half.
So I wanted to clear that up. I'm not looking for charity or want anyone to feel bad for me. I'm doing fine. I am so touched by the kindness of the good people here. I've been since 2005 and hope to be around much longer.
Thank you very much TTD'ers!!
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