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Smile Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

LOL, i enjoyed the various math lessons, that cracked me up. Thanx for that!

Obviously, improving my share ratio significantly will take some time and some uploads, there is no dispute there. But, barring my finding some old recordings from the past (i am not an avid taper today), I will have to rely on improving my share ratio incrementally.

And back to that point.... I just watched as my tracker registered an upload of at least 50 MB for a video that i downloaded several weeks ago. (That video is NOT listed as one of the shows that i am "seeding"......) Simple math would say that that is worth an upload of .0488 gigbytes (50/1024). My upload amount should have changed by at least .04 gigs. It did not, it has remained unchanged. If this happened say 5 times a day due to my not doing something right, and you multiply that by 30 days, it improves my ratio quickly. Hence my question.

I don't monitor my ratios every day or anything, and i'm new to trading in general. So, if there is something that i can change to seed different shows than what i am seeding (see earlier question in thread, i do not know how what i am 'seeding' is determined and whether i have any control over it) or if there's something else that i don't understand (like maybe i don't get upload credit for something that i upload that i am not "seeding" or something?), i just want to figure it all out.

I'm just aspiring to be the BEST, DAMN sharer that i can be!
lol and cheers!
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