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Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

Originally Posted by dorrcoq View Post
Remedial math, anyone?

Originally Posted by dorrcoq View Post
Actually judging by your 92.90 GB uploaded and your 25.29 GB downloaded, I'm not sure why your ratio shows 0.27. It should be .37 by my calculations (actually .367). So that's weird.
You've got it backward. Uploaded 25.29 GB / downloaded 92.90 GB = 0.2722282 which is rounded off to two decimal places as 0.27

Originally Posted by dorrcoq View Post
But you've downloaded over 25 GB of data. 50 MB upload isn't going to make much of an impression on your ratio. Even by your current stats, uploading 1 GB (without any further downloading) will only raise your ratio to .371, which will still show as .37. You're going to have to do a hell of a lot of uploading to get your ratio up!
If he uploaded another 50 MB it would then make his uploaded amount approximately 25.34 GB, divided by 92.90 = 0.27276642 which would also round off to 0.27 -- although 50 MB may sound like a lot of data, it really ain't diddly squat compared to 92.90 GB

92.9 x 2^30 = 99,750,615,449.6 bytes
50 x 2^20 = 52,428,800 bytes
99,750,615,449.6 / 52,428,800 = 1,902.592 times as many bytes

So yes, it's gonna take some significant uploads to change the ratio much at all.
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