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Re: Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
According to your profile, the 10 torrents you are seeding (10 is the max you are allowed) all have 0 leechers, so there is no way you are uploading anything to anybody.
So, that is good info, and i am new to trading, so can you please explain that to me?

For example, i have a Jimi Hendrix show that i downloaded some time ago. I just watched as 50 megabytes was uploaded. I received no credit on my share ratio for it. I DO know that when i go into my account, this show is not listed as one of the shows that i am seeding. So, if i share something that i am not 'seeding', does that mean that i don't get credit for that share in my ratio? That's new info and seems strange to me. If i share something, i wouldn't think that would matter at all, but again, i am new to this.

And if the above is correct, that probably explains it all right there!

I guess most importantly, do i have any control over what i am "seeding"? I've downloaded more than the 10 shows that i am currently showing as seeding, and want to share (of course) what i have. I don't know how what i am seeding is determined. And, if i have control over what i am seeding, i am missing that piece of information regarding how to configure that.

Many thanx and cheers!
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