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Not getting credit for uploads - HELP!

Has someone encountered this? It seems to have started up over the weekend. I seem to be uploading WAY more than i am getting credit for. I've just watched my uTorrent 3.3 client upload over 200 MB of data for a torrent, but my ratio hasn't budged an inch. I've noticed this other times this week, but wasn't paying much attention.

Right now, i am an uploading a torrent, at it says that i've uploaded 225 on this particular torrent so far. The only "unusual" thing that i've found is that when i click on the "Trackers" link, there is usually four lines there:
[Local Peer Discovery]
[Peer Exchange]

The last line is MISSING for this torrent. I think that might be a symptom of the problem. Can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong? This has all been on the same computer, btw.
cheers and thanx!
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