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PrrP remastering questions

Bravo to floydart for re-uploading the PrrP series. There are a lot of gems in there and everyone involved is to be commended.

The "Notes from the Re-Master" do have me wondering about a couple things:

(1) what, exactly, do they mean by "tonality"? (example: "Tonality was adjusted in a few spots to eliminate excesses but detail was enhanced throughout.")

(2) why would anyone use "segmental run-times" to calibrate speed correction, instead of intonation? In general, a band is much more likely to play a section of music significantly faster or slower from one night to the next than it is to play it significantly sharper or flatter. This may not be true for bands without keyboards or for bands who play over sequenced or pre-recorded backing tracks, but for 70s prog rockers with a Hammond organ in the band, they're tuning to a pretty consistent pitch for every show.
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