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Re: Google Glasses taping - any idea ?

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
since they are geared for near-field recording, it doesn;t seem like these would sound very good... they supposedly do 720p video, so that might look ok.. but I bet it would be hard to frame from a distance since there's no optical zoom.

also, you'd have to hold your head really still, it would seem, else you'll have a pretty unwatchable video.

as far as the audio, though... an iPhone5 does an amazing job capturing audio for a cell phone, even standing in front of the FOH stacks... so maybe the Google Glass thing will have tech like that built-in as well..
I recorded part of a show last week standing in an extremely loud area where the audio should have been trashed.. and it was clear as a bell. No idea how they do that, but it was surprisingly good.
I agree with this last bit. I've used an iPhone 4 for taping a few times and it works out quite good
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