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Re: posting aud HD video as mkv?

i believe that mkv files are only allowed for HD TV captures...per the FAQ:

2. Permitted file formats.

High Definition Transport Stream (.ts) and Matroska container (.mkv) is preferred format for straight digital captures of HD TV broadcasts.
-- The file needs to be checked before uploading against discontinuity errors. If possible, please attach a log file from your capturing program or dedicated software. If possible, please attach a log file from your capturing program or dedicated software.
--Unnecessary data, like doubled the same audio stream should be stripped to keep the file as small as possible. Commercials, and non music related contents must be cut out.
--Please note that the Transport Stream format is not permitted for standard definition video (DVD), and high definition audience video.
--The seeding policy concerning High Definition Transport Stream is subject to change when a quality consumer software for Blu-ray format authoring is available.

Blu-ray (BR) must be fully authored with menu(s) and chapter marks, and ready to burn Blu-ray video.
--It must have a properly named Blu-ray files and folders structure – see:
--Not permitted is rough not authored .m2ts file due it larger size than the transport stream (.ts) format.
--Please check if your authoring software does not re-encode the stream, which is currently a case for Nero Vision, Ulead MovieFactory [perhaps others too, need to be checked]

High definition audience video has to be in form of authored and ready to burn Blu-ray (BR) video only.

however it may be allowed since yer the taper, i'll let the Video Mods know and hopefully one of them will respond later today or tomorrow
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