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Re: Any tapers out there? Need some advice.

Originally Posted by the dread View Post
Attempting my 1st taping this weekend.
Good luck! I Googled your recorder to see what you should set your gain at and found this:

"Peak Reduction function (optimized for music recording) automatically sets gain while recording"

...I don't know very much about recording, but the recorder automatically setting the gain may not be a good thing (or it could be the best thing ever, I don't know). And when looking at pics of it it looks like there's only a mic-in and no line-in:

"Plug your own microphone into the 1/8" mic/line input - the DR-07mkII will supply plug-in power for mics that require it!" with that, I don't know if an external power supply is necessary. But like I said, I don't know very much about recording.
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